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She’s currently on tour, and it seemed like she just invited all of her backup dancers and friends over to her mansion for lots of sparklers, face-painting and wholesome fun.Swifty did not include any photos of any boys that she was banging.He’s the lead on , and he’s lanky and handsome in a male model kind of way, and he’s 33 years old.Quite honestly, he just LOOKS like the kind of guy Taylor would be into, so this doesn’t surprise me on her end. Anyway, here’s what went down, allegedly: Man-hungry Taylor Swift has flipped for actor Matthew Gray Gubler, 33, who plays brilliant but quirky violent-criminal profiler Dr. “Taylor is nuts about Matthew,” said a source close to Swift. The hope of creating a character that hadn't really been seen before.

-------------------------- Is it difficult to switch back and forth between acting and directing? And this one in particular involves a large story line. I've met him years ago and you know, whenever I meet an actor I greatly respect, I make a note in my head to work with them someday as a director. By some miracle I was very fortunate to do exactly what I love to do, which is act and direct. Reid and her bonded over a paper that he wrote in a research journal, and they sort of bonded over their shared love of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I understand you've done something called "Matthew Gray Gubler: the Unauthorized Documentary." What's that about? I've been so busy with acting and directing that I haven't had time to really work on the website but I plan on expanding it.

Five college students find themselves failing the most infuriating class ever, and vow to take their revenge on the teacher, inspired by the plots of the Poe stores they have studied in his class.

A comedy with a macabre edge, this ‘simple plan’ that spirals out of control features an ensemble of up and coming actors that capture the face of the modern college experience.

Like Spencer Reid, Matthew is really smart, but he is more of a creative genius with a lot of artistic talent. Unfortunately, Matthew Gray Gubler doesn’t really have the type of speed reading and memory capabilities of Dr. Matthew says he has to study a lot to keep up with the more intellectual ideas Dr. Learning the medical terminology alone takes up a good bit of his rare and precious free time.

Overall, Matthew Gray Gubler is a bit reminiscent of Dr.