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There are two versions of Web Storage: local and session.

Local means that it’s persistent, and session is simply that the data is lost when the session ends (i.e. It’s also worth noting that a session is tied to a single browser window or tab.

But if it counts at all – it to be part of the Web Applications spec.

Web Storage is a very, very simple way to store data in the client – i.e. What’s more, the support is fabulous: IE8 and upwards has support natively, and there’s lots of good polyfills in the wild already.

This implies you should either be validating the user input to ensure the date entered is in the format you expect or not allowing the user to enter dates freeform (preferring instead the calendar picker).

Yes indeed people, it’s your favourite HTML5 Doctor with Java Script knowledge who lives in Brighton near a golf course!

I’m also shooting for the longest title we’ve published so far – and I think I’m in the lead. Technically it’s been shifted out of the HTML5 specification and can now be found in it’s very own dedicated spec.

date Format The format for parsed and displayed dates.

This attribute is one of the regionalisation attributes.