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Sedating fish

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The ornamental fish trade has a long and successful history in using air freight.Today, more and more aquaculture products such as eggs, fry and fingerlings are shipped by air freight in boxes.These procedures can also be done without sedation, though it's more stressful for you and for the fish and you really have to be careful and not let the fish get away from you.To sedate with Finquel: Things you will need: Place fish in the solution.

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You can sedate larger fish with either clove oil or Finquel (MS-222).Although it grows in coastal conditions, the tree is usually protected from direct salt spray by adjoining vegetation. Its sensitivity to the cold limits Florida fishpoison tree to areas no colder than plant hardiness zone 11.The Florida fishpoison tree attains medium size with heights of 12 to 15 m and bole diameters of 46 to 118 cm.There are commercial products for this (usually sold by Koi dealers) or you can use oil of cloves.The commercial products will come with a set of instructions, follow these to the letter.The other problems can be overcome by taking great care and concentrating on what you are doing.