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If your Thymio mobile robot does not light up, or if it’s not detected when you plug it in via USB, refer to the “Solutions for common problems” section found at the end of this guide.
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Moreover, there are growing numbers of ways that people and organizations use web cams. Webcams have also been used in collaborative contexts—connecting doctors, students, musicians and archaeologists across the globe—and in monitoring political candidates’ events.The American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) is one of three species of tree squirrel currently classified in the genus Tamiasciurus and known as pine squirrels (the other are the Douglas Squirrel T. The diet of these tree squirrels is specialized on the seeds of conifer cones. It is a medium sized (200–250 g) diurnal mammal that defends a year-round exclusive territory.

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The American red squirrel occupies all of the temperate, forested regions of northern North America.

An adult weighs between 145 and 260 g (5 to 9 oz.) The American red squirrel constructs its nest in the branches or in cavities of trees or stumps.

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